API Management Terminologies

Learn the essential terms of API Management so that you can create APIs for your workflows hassle-free. Each term has an appropriate meaning that aims to contribute to APIfy an automated workflow.

To create an API endpoint using the API Management feature, it is important to understand its terminologies.

API endpoint host

API endpoint host is the base path to which multiple endpoints are appended. The API endpoint host is https://apim.quickwork.co/. It is static in nature and is pre-created by Quickwork. Contact our support team to get a custom domain of your choice as an API endpoint host.

Path prefix

Path prefix is a user-defined unique identifier used to identify for which account the API endpoint is to be created. It could be alphanumeric characters. The path prefix appends to the static API endpoint host e.g., https://apim.quickwork.co/path_prefix.

API collections

API collection is a set of endpoints that can be managed together. It has a specific path that is to be defined while creating an endpoint. The API collection path appends to the path prefix e.g., https://apim.quickwork.co/path_prefix/api_collection_path/v1.

API endpoints

API endpoint is the path to the action within the resource for which you want to create an API. It is the journey that you want to call upon hitting the endpoint. The API endpoint appends to the path prefix e.g., https://apim.quickwork.co/path_prefix/api_collection_path/v1/api_endpoint.


A client is a user for whom you want to create an API endpoint. The client offers an API key using which the API endpoint can be executed. A single client can have access to one or more API Collections.

Access profiles

There can be one or more access profiles for a single client. Each access profile has a unique API key and policy as per which the usage of the API endpoint is decided. Clients can access one or more API collections through the access profile as per the access policy designed for them.

Access policies

An access policy defines the usage, permission, and restrictions of the API for a single access profile. A single access policy can be associated with one or more access policies.

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