Scheduler by Quickwork

Schedule your workflow execution at a specific date and time. Unlike other triggers, Scheduler by Quickwork starts the automation at a specific interval decided by the user—seconds to years 24/7.

It is expected that a journey should execute smartly in such a way that it eventually becomes a helping hand for a user. Humans tend to lag for things, especially for the priority ones. Whether it's a daily report to be filled, meeting to be attended, weekly product audit to be conducted or code files to be uploaded on FTP server every 3 hours, there are major chances of missing out on such things.

Scheduler by Quickwork promises that you won't delay with the assigned tasks. It allows you to trigger the journey at the date and time you've chosen. Scheduler by Quickwork has one supporting trigger.

Let us take a use case to understand the working of Scheduler by Quickwork.

Use case

As employees work tirelessly throughout the day, it is expected to forget unproductive things like keeping the dek clean or having a sip of water. So let's create a journey that sends a reminder on a messaging channel to the employees for drinking some water every 30 minutes.

  • Trigger: Scheduler by Quickwork - New scheduled event

  • Action: Slack - Send Message to a channel


Create a channel in Slack where all employees are added.

Configuring the trigger

  1. In the Event section, click on the New Trigger button and then choose the Scheduler by Quickwork app from the drop-down menu in the App field.

  2. Select the trigger event as New scheduled event from the drop-down menu in the Trigger Event field.

  3. No authorization is required as this is an app created by Quickwork.

  4. Set the Interval to 30 minutes.

  5. In the Start at field, set the date and time from when the journey should execute and start sending the reminders. In the case of a null value, the journey sends the reminders from the moment it is in the execution state.

  6. Keep the Custom payload field empty:

Configuring the action

  1. Click on the Simple Action button and choose the Slack app from the drop-down menu in the Apps list.

  2. Select the Send Message to a channel action from the drop-down menu in the Actions field.

  3. Connect the Slack account in which you created the mypersonal channel as shown in the Prerequisite section. Slack needs authorization to connect with Quicwkork.

  4. Upon successful connection establishment, the input fields will open.

  5. In the Channel input field, select the channel to which you want to send the buttons i.e., mypersonal.

  6. In the Message field, specify the reminder message for the employees. E.g., Don’t Be A Drip! Take a Sip.

  7. Select No in the Send the message as a user or a bot? field. The No value sends the reminder on behalf of a bot.

  8. Give a name to the bot in the Bot name field. E.g., Water Engineer:

Executing the journey

Click the Save changes button and then click the Save & Start button to start the journey execution. You'll be redirected to the History tab and can see the journey has been executed successfully:

Now, check the Slack channel. You'll get the reminder posted:

The above reminder is sent at 2:16 PM. The next reminder will be sent 30 minutes at 2:46 PM, and so on.

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