Understanding the Quickwork Journey Builder. Quickwork is a no-code, API-based SaaS platform with pre-integrated apps to automate business and consumer workflows.

Folders are a storage block in which journeys are stored in a well-organized manner. It contains all the user-created journeys highlighting their statistics of successful execution and failure. Let's drive through this document and understand how to create, edit, or delete a folder.

Creating a folder

Depending on the user-level, i.e. a new or an existing user, creating a folder has a common procedure to deal with, except a variation in the UI.

Creating the first folder by a new user

If you are a new user and you are yet to create your first folder, you will see the following screen under the Folders tab as soon as you log into your account:

Figure 1: Creating a folder for the first time

To get started, click on the Get Started button as highlighted in the above screenshot. You will be prompted up with a window asking you to enter the name of the folder you want to create, say Task. Click Next:

Figure 2: Creating a new folder

In the Accessibility window, you can decide whether you want your newly created folder to be public or private. Select the option accordingly:

Figure 3: The accessibility window

Then, click on the Done button. You’ll get a confirmation screen stating you have created a new folder:

Figure 4: A folder created successfully

Now, click on Start to create your first journey in this folder. Click here to know how to create a journey.

A user having more than one folder

The tool's user interface for the users who had already created some folders is a bit different. The moment you'll log in to Quickwork Journey Builder, you will see the folders list under the Folders tab. It is illustrated in the following screenshot:

Figure 5: Creating more folders

In the Folders window, you'll get a list of folders on the left-hand side panel and journeys built within those folders on the right-hand side. Clicking on each folder will give you a list of associated journeys as shown in the above screenshot.

The Task folder has a journey built-in named Demo Journey. To create another folder in such a scenario, click the New folder button located on the left-hand side panel. You'll get similar screens as shown in Figures 2, 3, and 4, asking you to enter the details for creating a new folder.

To create a new journey within a folder, click the New journey button located at the top right-hand side corner of the screen.

Renaming a folder

To rename the folder, Task, click on the three horizontal ellipses and select the Rename option:

Figure 6: The Rename option

The Rename folder window will pop-up allowing you to enter a new name for the folder e.g., Sample folder:

Figure 8: Renaming a folder

Once entered, click the Rename button. The folder will get renamed.

Deleting a folder

To delete a folder, select the Delete option by clicking on the three horizontal ellipses. The illustration is shown here

Figure 9: The Delete option

A confirmation quote will appear on the same instance asking you whether you want to delete the folder or not:

Figure 10: Deleting a folder

Clicking on the Delete option will delete your folder.