Data masking

Secure the confidential information flowing through a journey in Quickwork. This feature hides the trigger and action data of workflow automation in the transaction report storing no data in memory.
Quickwork stores complete data flow within each trigger and step(s) of a journey. In certain use cases, there are long trails of sensitive information of users or customers such as IDs, SSNs, passwords, email IDs, etc. which should be prohibited to Quickwork admins who are executing the journey.
Data masking enables users to disable the storage and display of I/O data at the trigger and step level. The masked data of a trigger or a particular action step does not get stored in the execution history of a journey.

Enable trigger data masking

To mask trigger data, hover on the trigger step and click the Data Masking button to turn it ON. In this case, the Gmail-Get email trigger has been masked:
Figure 1: Masking the Get email trigger data
Now, whenever the journey executes successfully, the data flows completely between trigger and actions. Since the data masking option is enabled, the trigger I/O data cannot be seen in the History section:
Figure 2: Trigger's I/O data masked

Enable step data masking

Data can be masked for all action steps of a journey as per your requirements. To disable the action step I/O data in the execution history, hover on the step bar and click the Data Masking button to turn it ON. In this case, the Google Sheets action has been masked:
Figure 3: Data masking
The following image shows the execution history after the action data being masked:
Figure 4: Action's I/O data masked
Copying the JSON data from the Input and Output tab and pasting it in any editor of your choice won't show you the data passed in the journey. Since the Data Masking button is enabled, it will return the following message in the editor:
"data": "masked"
To turn OFF the data masking option, hover again on the trigger/step bar and click the Data Masking button. Everything will restore to normal.