Transform the most common inputs into data pills and use them in workflows by drag and drop gesture. This allows redundant work of repeatedly specifying the same input fields in the action fields.

Constants are user-defined parameters that are accessible to all the journeys throughout the account. As these parameters are in the name-value pairs, they are customizable as per the users' choice eliminating the manual efforts to specify the same input again and again.

This feature is most useful while dealing with long configuration-rich journeys having a common set of input fields.

Create a Constant

To start creating the Constants (name-value pairs), go to the Tools menu and select Constants:

Then, click the Create a new constant button. A text field will appear beneath the Constant name and Constant value columns. Enter the name and its value i.e., Email ID and respectively, and hit the Enter key:

You can create a maximum of 200 Constants per account accessible to the journeys. Two Constants with the same name cannot be created. Their names must be unique even though their values are the same.

Using a Constant

Once the Email ID constant is created with an appropriate value, it will get displayed as a data pill in the Data Tree Output under the Constants section of all journeys. You can then, simply drag and drop this constant, and the journey will send an email to the email address i.e., the value of the constant:

Edit and delete a Constant

To edit a Constant, click on the Constant name or value. The text field will appear allowing you to change the details. To delete a Constant, click the delete icon associated with it. Refer to the following image to understand in detail:

Constants cannot be edited/deleted from Journey Configuration Manager

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