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Getting started

Step into the integration world and experience the magic of how all integrated apps ease manual efforts as Quickwork is a one-stop solution for workflow automation.
To get started with Quickwork, visit https://automation.quickwork.co/#/. If you are a new user, you need to register first. Click the Register Now link to do so:
Figure 1: The login screen
This opens the Create a new account form page. On this page, enter the first name, last name, and email address with which you want to register. Accept the terms and privacy policies and then click the Register button:
Figure 2: Creating a new account
As soon as you hit the Register button, you will get a confirmation screen stating that your registered information has been saved successfully. Please check your inbox to continue signing in:
Figure 3: New account created
You'll receive an email on your specified email ID from the Quickwork automation team confirming that your account is created. Click the Confirm your account button:
Figure 4: Confirmation email
You'll be redirected to Quickwork for setting a password for your account. Enter the password as per the criteria defined. Then, click the Continue button:
Figure 5: Confirming the password
Your password is now set successfully. Click the sign in link given in the confirmation window:
Figure 6: Password set successfully
You'll be redirected back to the login screen. Now, specify the email and password that you have registered. Checkmark the terms of service and privacy policy Quickwork and click Accept:
Figure 7: Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
After logging in, you'll be asked to get started since you don't have any folder or journey(s) created in it:
Figure 8: Getting started
Clicking the Get Started button will then ask you to create your first folder and then you can create journey(s) in it.
Refer to the Folders guide to create a new folder. You can also go through the Creating your first journey guide to create your first journey using Quickwork.

Resetting the password

To reset the password, go to the login page of Quickwork and click the Forgot Password button:
Figure 9: Resetting the password
A window will pop up asking you to enter the email address for which you want to set a new password. Specify the email address and click the Reset Password button:
Figure 10: Specify email address
You'll get a confirmation on the screen stating to check the email inbox:
Figure 11: Confirmation
Check your inbox. A request email is received to get the password changed for your Quickwork account. Click the Reset your password button:
Figure 12: Password change request email
You'll be redirected to the Reset your password window of Quickwork. Specify the new password twice complying with the criteria mentioned in the window:
Figure 13: Entering a nwe password
Then click the Continue button. Your password is now reset successfully. Click the sign in link in the confirmation window to log into your Quickwork account:
Figure 14: Password reset successfully